Truck Driver Safety Tips in the New Year

Truck Driver Safety Tips

As the new year rolls around, now might be a good time to think about driver safety and the steps you’re taking to ensure your trucking company professionals are practicing safe driving habits. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the road or just getting started out, there’s never a reason not to practice safety behind the wheel.

Below are some truck driving safety tips for practicing in 2023:


Check the Weather Often

With the availability of weather reports on smart devices from virtually anywhere, there’s no reason not to be prepared for all types of weather conditions. Make it a habit to check the weather throughout the day to ensure that you’re ready to adjust your driving for whatever lies ahead.


Follow at a Safe Distance

Even though everyone seems to be in a rush these days, you don’t have to contribute to difficult traffic conditions. Always follow at a safe distance, which goes for commuter vehicles and other trucks. Everyone in the trucking industry understands the pressure and stress of getting loads where they need to go, but your safety and the safety of others on the road come first.


Scope Out New Delivery Bays on Foot

When delivering to a new destination, consider parking your truck nearby and checking things out on foot first. All too often, drivers get stuck in tight spots that are difficult to maneuver out of because they simply took the word of someone at a drop-off location over the phone. If you’ve never dropped at a location before, it’s always better to see what you’re going to be dealing with before pulling your rig in.


Only Change Lanes When Absolutely Necessary

Any truck driver knows that lane changes can lead to some close calls, particularly on high-traffic roadways. One of the top safety tips for truck driver awareness is to only change lanes when absolutely necessary, and make sure you double-check your mirrors and any sensors before making lane changes. In keeping with this, you also want to know and follow the laws of each state you drive through regarding lane changes and truck lanes.


Watch Your Speed

Speed can be deadly, so slow down. Once again, everyone in the trucking industry is under pressure, but your life is not worth getting to your destination five minutes early. If you’ve been one to speed in the past, make 2023 the year you slow down and try to keep a more watchful eye on your speedometer.

For more truck driver safety tips, check out FMCSA’s website to learn safety tips for truck driver preparedness.

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