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Bendix® Wingman® Advanced™

A Collision Mitigation Technology

bendix wingman advanced

A powerful combination of collision mitigation and full stability technologies

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The Key is Active Braking

The Bendix® Wingman® Advanced™ system is the latest innovation for commercial vehicles from the industry leader in active braking technologies – Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems. Bendix Wingman Advanced brings together adaptive cruise control with braking features along with collision mitigation technology, and our full-stability technology – Bendix® ESP® – providing your fleet with a system that can help. Your fleet benefits from a potent combination of active safety technologies that can help your drivers in collisions, roll-overs, and loss-of-control situations. In addition, the system can provide data, to help keep you in the know about what’s happening out on the road.

Helping your drivers on the highway

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), on average 2-3 rear-end collisions involving heavy trucks occur somewhere in the U.S. every hour. When the distance between your driver’s truck and the vehicle they’re following starts to close, Bendix Wingman Advanced provides the driver following distance alerts and, if necessary, will apply the brakes to help the driver potentially avoid the collision, or help reduce its severity.

Unique to Bendix Wingman Advanced are stationary object alerts. These alerts give the driver a warning (up to 3.0 seconds) of a metallic object, such as a stalled car, blocking the lane of travel.

Providing information you can use

Performance on the road is important, but you also need actionable information to know what’s happening out there. The Bendix Wingman Advanced system can deliver important data your fleet can use, such as following distance information, alerts given, and stability events. Knowing about close calls and other insights from the road can help you assess and update your driver training needs and support fleet operations.

Making a positive contribution to your bottom line

It’s all about getting a quick return on your safety investment. The Bendix Wingman Advanced system helps your fleet in two significant ways. First, by helping drivers potentially avoid rear-end collisions or, at least, help reduce their severity, your fleet may see fewer accidents and less accident-related costs. Second, the system can help your drivers stay in cruise control longer, which – depending on your fleet operations – can result in significant fuel savings.


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  • Following Distance Alerts – audible and visual alerts which let driver know when getting too close to forward vehicle.
  • Impact Alerts – audible and visual alerts warning the driver that a collision with the forward vehicle is likely and that they should address the situation immediately.
  • Stationary Object Alerts – audible and visual alerts that provide the driver up to a 3.0 second alert when a metallic object(s) may be blocking lane of travel.
  • Reduces throttle to help the driver maintain a set following distance behind a forward vehicle.
  • Engages engine retarder to help the driver maintain a set following distance behind a forward vehicle.
  • Applies foundation brakes to help the driver maintain a set following distance behind a forward vehicle.
  • Bendix® ESP® full stability system to help drivers mitigate rollovers and loss-of-control situations on wet and dry roadways
  • Provides audible and visual alerts to the driver and applies the brakes when the system determines a collision with forward vehicle is imminent

The Bendix Wingman Advanced system doesn’t replace the need for safe drivers

No commercial vehicle safety technology replaces the most important safety components of all – a skilled, alert professional driver exercising safe driving habits, as well as continuous, comprehensive driver training.