June 2019



Werner celebrates 60 years in business, as well as 30 years of being a publicly-traded company on Nasdaq and 10 years since the launch of Werner Global Logistics.

The company also debuts a new decal package on its trucks and trailers, updated branding that will be applied to new trucks and new white trailers as they are added to the company’s fleet.

June 2019



Werner announces its acquisition of American Institute of Trucking (AIT) and Roadmaster Drivers School, capital investments that will help further Werner’s commitment to securing the success of the next generation of professional drivers for the entire trucking industry.


Werner is honored for the third consecutive year with a SmartWay® Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this time in the categories of Small Flatbed Carrier and Large TL/Dry Van Carrier.

June 2014


Hercules Logistics logo

Werner Global Logistics announces an equity investment in Hercules Logistics Co., Ltd., a leading transportation company headquartered in China.


In addition, Werner is the only carrier to be recognized in two categories with a SmartWay® Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ‐ Refrigerated and TL/Dry Van.

Werner also receives its first recognition as a Top Military Friendly® Spouse Employer by GI Jobs® and is recognized by Forbes on its list of 100 Most Trustworthy Companies.

June 2013



Werner receives the SmartWay® Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Werner also unveils the first truck in its Freedom Fleet, Freedom 1. The military themed-truck brings awareness to the company’s industry-leading military veteran hiring program while delivering on regular freight routes.

June 2012



C.L.’s achievements are honored with the Horatio Alger Award. Recipients are dedicated community leaders who demonstrate individual initiative and a commitment to excellence as exemplified by remarkable achievements accomplished through honesty, hard work, self-reliance and perseverance over adversity.

June 2010



Werner Enterprises is named to Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Companies list. In addition, the company is recognized by Forbes on its list of 100 Most Trustworthy Companies.

June 2009



Werner Global Logistics continues to grow, crossing two major milestones ‐ as the company provides service to its 100th country, it also opens its first office in Australia to further meet customer demand in the Pacific Rim.

June 2008



Werner Enterprises and Werner Global Logistics are named as the official freight forwarder and logistics provider for the pools used in the 2008 U.S. Swim Trials. The event was a pre-cursor to the record-breaking games held later in Beijing, China.

June 2006



C. L. celebrates his company’s 50-year anniversary with his team of dedicated, customer-focused and hardworking professionals.

Werner extends its reach into China with the launch of Werner Global Logistics. The subsidiary allows Werner to provide door-to-door service for companies of all sizes and industries as they compete in today’s global marketplace.

Approved by the Department of Labor and VA in April 2006, Werner establishes the very first apprenticeship program in the industry that focuses on the hiring of veterans as professional drivers; the company also receives recognition from G.I. Jobs® as a Top 100 Military Friendly® Employer, the first of many awards Werner will receive.

June 2004



In September 2004, Werner is the first and only carrier granted exemption from running paper logbooks by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

June 2001



Werner Enterprises opens an international terminal in Laredo, Texas, and continues plans for a bright future.

June 1999



With revenues reaching $1 billion, Werner Enterprises completes a 166,500-square foot addition to its Omaha headquarters. This expansion allows the Werner team to enjoy driver lounges, a 5,000-square foot computer center, a company store and a cafeteria.

To tap into international market growth, Werner Enterprises launches its Mexico operations. With increased freight operations in Canada as well, international business becomes a significant part of Werner’s way of life.

June 1998



In June 1998, Werner Enterprises becomes the first carrier to implement electronic logs, replacing traditional paper logbooks used by drivers to record work hours and activities.

June 1995



Werner begins construction of its Phoenix, Arizona, terminal. In addition, the company opens the Conestoga Building at its Omaha headquarters, which features a collection of historic company equipment and informational exhibits.

June 1992



To streamline the company’s operations and improve communications, Werner Enterprises implements a satellite-based Qualcomm global positioning system for location and messaging capabilities on all of its trucks. This real-time communication system helps the company manage its continuous contact with drivers.

June 1986



In June 1986, Werner Enterprises goes public on Nasdaq. Werner chooses Alex. Brown & Sons to underwrite the company’s initial public offering. The company’s shares climb to $22 within the first three months.

June 1978



With 100 trucks on the road and gross sales exceeding $6 million, Werner Enterprises builds its new headquarters on five acres in Omaha without a loan.

Werner also establishes Gra-Gar to provide full-service maintenance to the company’s fleet of tractors and trailers.

June 1971



C. L. makes his first big truck purchase of 10 Freightliners in 1971. He also expands the company to include the first office employee, Sharon Curry, who starts out working in the tire shop. As the Werner team continues to grow, so does its customer base ‐ Werner welcomes Maytag, its first Fortune 500 customer, in 1975.

June 1964



In 1964, C. L. Werner moves his company out of his 900-square foot home and into a little shop in Council Bluffs, Iowa. With a fleet of a dozen metallic blue trucks, Werner Enterprises becomes a shining example of hard work paying off.

June 1959



C. L. officially names his company Werner Enterprises in 1959. With the purchase of his first diesel truck, C. L. begins to see the future of his company before his eyes.

June 1956



C. L. Werner’s entrepreneurial spirit guides him from the family farm to Omaha, Nebraska. Using his car as a down payment, C. L. purchases a 1956 Ford truck and begins hauling within Nebraska and then hauling interstate.

Above history, timeline content gathered from our parent company Werner Enterprises. More information can be found here.